Brand image creation

The brand is the element that distinguishes a company, business, or product, and it’s also the starting point for a communication project. We explore all the possibilities, find new perspectives, and anticipate all the possible applications, even on tools and materials yet to be invented.

We conduct research with the client to jointly identify the motivations and target of the project and to obtain the maximum design depth. Active consultation with the client during the project helps prevent the reasons for the project from being translated in a univocal manner by the working team. The final solution of the project lays the groundwork for the development of the next phase: the definition of the Brand Identity.

Brand Restyling

More and more often, our clients have the need to renew their brand, create a new logo or a new visual image. Introducing new ideas, communicating change, and the company’s growth are the main reasons for doing so.

Our approach takes into account the historical characteristics of the brand because a part of the audience trusts what they know, so we need to reassure them and renew their confidence at the same time.